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Best and Cheapest Countries for Backpackers


The motivation behind going is really to see the world and get life-changing knowledge. Exploring is one of the most ideal approaches. Look at the rundown of best and least expensive nations for hikers and begin arranging your outing at this moment. With these fantastic countries for backpackers, you will be seeing the world without spending a lot of money and worrying about your bank account.

Costa Rica

If you are an outdoor/nature lover, then Costa Rica must be on your travel bucket list. With its beautiful national parks, magnificent volcanoes, amazing wildlife, the colorful birds, pure lakes, golden beaches and blue sea, Costa Rica is a great place for eco-friendly backpacking. One of the most famous tourist attractions of Costa Rica is the Corcovado National Park that offers a wide variety of activities and attractions. The Palo Verde National Park is a perfect place for those who look for peace and nature. When you visit Costa Rica’s national parks, make sure you take a bathing suit. There are a lot of swimming holes, waterfalls, and hot springs to enjoy. Also, don’t forget to take your camera to capture the unforgettable moment of volcanic eruption. If you want to experience Caribbean culture, start planning your trip to Costa Rica right now.


India is another prominent and economical hiking goal. Hiking in this nation is an ordeal of a lifetime. Travel, housing, and nourishment are somewhat modest contrasted with other hiking goals on the planet. There are numerous hiking inns, which are situated in the most urban communities and which are an impeccable spot to meet different explorers and make new companions. At the point when going in India, you won’t have the capacity to appreciate cooling or hot showers on occasion, however the way of life, valid nourishment and various vacation destinations make it justified, despite all the trouble. Numerous individuals abstain from going by India since they believe it’s a hazardous spot, yet it’s really a superb place and alert is an absolute necessity for any explorer and in any travel goal.


Searching for tropical nature and exemplary Asian society? Take your outing toNepal. Appreciate the nation’s staggering Asian legacy while trekking in the undeveloped, excellent farmland. Go to Bhaktapur in the Kathmandu Valley to visit the hallowed Buddhist and Hindu sanctuaries, for example, renowned Manakamana, Budhanilkantha, and Pashupatinath. For most hikers, a month isn’t sufficient to find this awesome spot. Convenience and sustenance is moderate, so you won’t need to stress over them.



On the off chance that you can’t bear to go to Greece and Italy, Albania is an impeccable option. In spite of the fact that it’s one of Europe’s poorest nations, Albania is a lovely nation with rich social legacy and it’s an exceptionally modest exploring goal. Tirana, the capital of Albania, brags an abundance of staggering galleries and astonishing chronicled destinations. You can climb on the Mount Dajti and have a fabulous view, or appreciate the daylight on the perfect, white sandy shorelines, for example, Jala or Dhermi shoreline. Regardless of what you choose to do, this nation is wonderful!


The last but not least cheap country for backpackers is Indonesia. There are clear oceans, lovely sandy shorelines, awesome rainforests, and an interesting society to investigate. Indeed, there are numerous things to see and to do in Indonesia which don’t require cash. You can go for a walk along the sandy shorelines, you can swim in the ocean, or you can find the incredible rainforest and just for nothing. Head to the Sumba Island to have a go at angling, snorkeling, surfing, or consider going by one of the best shorelines in Bali.


Since you know about the rundown of the least expensive nations for hikers, you realize that it’s conceivable to travel when you are on a tight spending plan. Certainly, you can knapsack anyplace on a financial plan, you simply need to do your examination and plan well before heading off to any nation. What’s your most loved spot to backpack?

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