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Adventures to Be Had Close and Far from Home

If you are desperately longing for a trip filled with adventure, it’ll be wise to not hold back your heart’s desire. So pack your bags, put on your traveling shoes and start exploring places that can fulfil your thirst for adventure. Here’s a list of places to inspire your next adventure:

Drive across the Amalfi Coast

Looking for a road trip that can be thrilling, exciting and also beautiful? If so, driving across the Amalfi Coast in Italy is what you need. Before that, you can find the best motorbike insurance deals online by comparing all available options and purchasing the right insurance. A road trip to the Amalfi Coast promises sweeping panoramic views of the sea and the hillside. Driving through the beautiful highway of the Amalfi Coast, whilst enjoying the Mediterranean weather and the scenery can be an exciting, as well as a memorable experience.

Explore Jaipur, India

If you’re looking for a fascinating experience, then exploring the ‘Pink City’ of Jaipur, India is a great idea. Whilst you are there, why not go on a hot air balloon ride across the desert or, alternatively you could go on a jungle safari to feast your eyes on the wildlife on offer. There are also ATV bikes available the rent that offer the roughest rides in NaliaBagh and if that isn’t to your fancy, you can go on a camel ride in Fort Madhogarh.

Go Surfing in Cornwall

Surfing in Cornwall is exciting and a must try at least once your lifetime if you love surfing the roaring sea. Cornwall is considered to be one of the best surf destinations in the UK. The beautiful beaches of Cornwall, along with some bold and fearless surfing lessons can form the seaside adventure you’re looking for. Whether you are a pro surfer or a beginner, Cornwall offers something for everyone.

Driving Through Route 66 In America

The route 66 in America is a historic driving route from Los Angeles to Chicago. A road trip through this route of two thousand miles leaves people from all around the world in awe and whilst it takes a lot of planning, it will definitely be worth it. Passing through the heart of the USA, this diagonal route offers some of the most archetypal roadside views in the country and an opportunity to taste some amazing American food.

Go on a Canal Boat Holiday in England

There is no better way to explore England than by canal boat; it is sure to be a pretty, as well as an adventurous experience. Listening to the echoes made against the tunnel walls, discovering a new place every day and witnessing a change of scenery every passing moment sounds just perfect to me! A canal boat adventure is fun for the whole family, whatever their age and is something that must be experienced at least once in your lifetime.

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