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5 Fascinating Holiday Destinations

For those who like to travel not only for fun, but to satisfy their natural urge for fascination with the world’s vastness and diversity, these are the best places to visit.


The Mantanani Islands in Borneo is a gathering of three major islands. Each of these is separated and they all boast translucent aquatic surroundings, white beaches and coconut trees. Relaxing on the shoreline and spotting exotic fishes and viewing the island’s endangered species called the sea-cow or ‘dugong’ is a splendid treat. Borneo is an excellent place for a trekking holiday. Visit between March and October for the best weather and opportunities to spot wildlife.


One of human creation’s great historic conurbations, Rome has some spectacular tourist spots, be it the majestic Colosseum or the artistic wonder – Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel ceiling. Every inch of the city is marred with pieces of history significant to the evolution of modern human civilization. There is a lot to learn in Rome, if you are on a budget there are lots of sights you can see for free. The Baroque basilicas and the grand mausoleums maintain the city’s ancient appeal. The winter time is the best to visit Rome’s modern culture. The wonderful restaurants in the city cook up mind-blowing delicacies and the general feel and excitement around the city is electric, reminiscent of Biblical times as it gets ready for Christmas. It’s nothing less than an out of this world experience.


Palau’s Jellyfish Lake is the perfect and perhaps the only place in the world where humans can enjoy the pleasures of swimming unharmed around packs of jellyfishes. This odd and isolated lake, occupied by thousands of anodyne jellyfish makes the Micronesian isle of Palau such an exploratory place to holiday at. There are loads of excellent snorkelling spots along the shoreline. The island also has a plethora of beautiful and unharmed coral reefs that are majestic.


This east African republic is fortunate to have three distinct safaris, each laudable of being categorized as the most outstanding example of wildlife existence in the world. The traditional Northern road to these sanctuaries guarantees one of the best traditional wildlife outings in Africa. Tourists on holiday in Tanzania are most likely to spot wildebeests, herds of buffalo, elephants, giraffes, elands, topis, kongonis, impalas and gazelles. The Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Crater are main attractions because all the three species of wild cats are available here throughout the year. The only negative factor about Tanzania is that there’s not enough time in the world to explore this beautiful heaven on earth.


Visiting this distant region is truly worth all the effort it takes people to get her. Billions of Buddhist and Hindus have faith in the region’s inherent holiness, with countless holy pilgrimage spots, the most common being the Mount Kailash and the Manasarovar Lake, all very close to each other. Barkhor Circuit in Lhasa, the captivating microcosm and the capital of Tibet is the best place to witness the Saga Dawa festival – the holiest month for all Buddhists around the world. Tibetans from around the world gather to celebrate the festival. In addition to this, some must visit places in Tibet include -Jokhang Temple, a complete view of the Mount Everest and Samye Monastery – the oldest monastery in Tibet.

Travelling indeed adds new dimensions to life, and when you visit these fascinating places, you are bound to enjoy life from newer angles!

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