Top Places for Sea Kayaking

Check out the following places and include it in your bucket list:

Acadia National Park, Maine

The Maine Island kayaking spot stretches for 325 miles and was created in 1993 to pass directly through National park. It offers kayakers an opportunity to explore a number of the foremost stunning coastlines and islands in the world, with camping sites and kayak launch and finish points so it’s convenient and safe for the journey lovers to get pleasure from the sport.This area is additionally made with a number of the most effective fish species within the world.

Acadia National Park

Phuket, Thailand

Apart from the nightlife, Phuket is additionally popular as a spot where sea kayaking enthusiasts will have the most effective sports to get pleasure from the journey. You’ll be able to get yourself a kayak and head towards Karst Islands in Phuket, where you may realize stunning water filled caves, and places where you’ll be able to stop by and enjoy in the nature’s bounty. To add to this, you are going to have sparkling blue waters and tropical beaches to calm your eyes. You will find different authorized tour operators who will help you for sea kayaking in the area.

Abel Tasman National Park, New Zealand

The Abel Tasman park is New Zealand provides kayakers over an area of 37,000 miles to to explore, Enclosed by a number of the foremost stunning sandy beaches within the world. To feature to your kayaking adventures, there are completely different birdwatching spots, and hiking spots within the middle of the kayaking routes, and conjointly some places wherever you’ll be able to camping. All this comes with the friendly folks of New Zealand who will help you however you want.Abel Tasman National Park

Napali Coast, Kauai

This place is found on the northern coast of island and is one of the foremost celebrated places among ocean kayakers. With its golden sand beaches and sparkling clear waters with towered cliffs within the middle of the kayak routes, this place can provide you with a complete journey a package where a kayak trip can sure enough provide you with one of the foremost superb and attractive experiences. There’s additionally an ancient water route that offers a number of the simplest spots for kayaking here.


BotswanaBotswana has become the ultimate goal for most of the sea kayakers in the world. When it comes to having an opportunity to check nature at its closest, Botswana would be the right place for you. Abundant with life like lions, leopards and additional, you’ll be able to have a wildlife safari of your Kayaks here. Y ou’ll be able to even spot a cheetah if you are lucky and hence, this kayak trip is only for those who have the real guts to do and journey.


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