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Explore Zurich City and have Fun!!!

Are you Searching for a place to go for the annual vacation? Explore Zurich, the very largest and the busiest city in Switzerland. Zurich is the centre for railways, roads and air traffic. Zurich is an imperative global city having many sights such as churches, architectures, museums and more than 100 art galleries to view. It is a home city to a large number of financial institutions and banking.

Lake Zurich :

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This lake Zurich is the largest and the best part of Zurich city. The length of this lake is about 40 kilometres, breadth is 3 kilometres and the maximum depth is about 469 feet ( 143 metres ) . It is a very beauteous, mainly in winter and the visitors prefer this place chiefly in summer for a pleasant walk and to view a sunset for relaxation. The water quality of Lake Zurich will be very clean and purified.

Uetliberg Mountain :

Uetliberg mountain is the most spectacular sight which affords an impressive panoramic view in zurich. In this mountain, there is also a hotel, named “ Uto Kulm ”. Visitors can try and climb to the top of the mountain for enjoying to the core. The mountain rises up to 869 metres and there is a lookout tower on the top delivering you to exactly 900 metres gives a stunning view.

Fraumunster church :

Fraumunster church is the church of our lady. The Church was very charming and founded by Louis the German for his daughter Hildegard in the year 853 and it is is built on the remembrance of a former abbey for aristocratic women. Today, the church is one of the four main churches that belongs to the Evangelical Reformed Church of the Canton of Zürich. The Chagall windows in the church gives a lovely impression.

Zoological Garden (Zoologischer Garten) :

The zurich Zoologischer garden located in Zurich which has 2200 number of animals such as elephants, rhinos, tigers, penquins and over 360 animal species. One gets easily attracted. One of its very popular events are the penguin parade, which is performed daily in the after noon if outside temperature is below 10 degrees Celsius. This park was opened in 1929 with 10 hectare of zoo having a huge collection of animals and breeding groups. The specialities of this zoo includes vicunas, pygmy hogs, snow leopards, Arabian oryx, and Rothschild’s mynah birds.

Swiss National Museum :

The Swiss national museum has huge collection of historical and cultural objects. The museum is over 100 years old building, eventhough it is an old building, it looks like a fairy tale castle with thick walls with Gothic elements. This museum was deigned by Gustav Gull and constructed around 5 years.


Rhine falls :

Rhine falls are the breath taking falls in zurich, considered as the Europe’s biggest waterfall provides a width of 150 meters and a height of 23 meters , 600 m³ (21,189 cubic feet) of water plunge over the falls in the summer. Only the eels can climb up on this falls and not the fishes.

Enjoy in Zurich !!!

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