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The things at the London Heathrow airport are at the re-construction phases of the terminal no.2. And it is been said that this terminal is to be named after the Queen. As the Queen is set to have her birthday celebrations, the Heathrow airport is naming its terminal no.2 as the “Terminal 2: The Queen’s Terminal”. This is in the act of honoring Her Majesty, the Queen.

This new terminal is said to be completed by some time, in the middle of the year and would be opened on 4th June of the year 2014, of course that is going to be next year.

It is been about more than a half century that the original terminal 2 was opened by the majesty, herself. And the director of the Heathrow was very glad to hear Her Majesty, the Queen accepting to name the reconstructed terminal after her.
Everybody here at the Heathrow are happy about the association that is been there with the Queen for more than 60 years now. And it is their honor to have the Queen’s name given to this terminal and have the Queen open the terminal just like the way it happened sixty years ago.

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