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Top Five Tourist Places in India

Introduction to Indian travel:

  1. India is rich in diversity and at the same time being a sub continent its places are highly attractive and tourists can travel to the top five tourist places in India.
  2. Indian culture and tradition has attracted the people from all over the world thereby making a rich look and feel towards travel and tourism.
  3. The top tourist spots in India are stated as follows New Delhi, Taj Mahal and red fort.
  4. The capital of India is Delhi.
  5. Here Taj Mahal was built by Shah Jehan with rich marbles and stones. The palace originates with the rich artistry work.
  6. Travelling includes a convenient tourism facility, which is available for many travels.
  7. Red fort is near to Taj mahal, but its an extravagant place for foreign Mughals.
  8. Taj Mahal and red fort are highly populated places for tourism.

Top tourist spots in India

Gateway of India:

Mumbai is rich in population but at the same time many places are found. Mumbai is called as the New York City of India, because entertainment, foods, clothing and other important products originate from this city only. The spicy food of an Indian city is very famous for encountering the tourists.

Temples in India:

  1. Indian temples are remarkable because of its tradition and culture.
  2. The golden temple at Amritsar is one such example for monuments.
  3. The temples of Mahabalipuram have been short listed to attract tourists.
  4. To worship god’s people from all over the world approach the temple.
  5. Jaipur another city for Indian attractions are Jaipur.
  6.  It is the best place for carrying excursions and for purchasing accessories.
  7. Amber port, Hawa Mahal etc.
  8.  Are the important cities to be watched.
  9. At same time the price of shopping products are very reasonable.
  10. Therefore, the best tourist place to be travelled is Jaipur.

Safari’s and outdoor activities:

Apart from all such places there are excellent amusement parks and sports activities for enjoyment such as mountain climbing, trekking , skating and surfing is carried out in Indian tourism. Many leisure facilities such as swimming, dancing , drawing are also found in all cities in India.

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