An Intercontinental Osaka has been opened in the center of Japan, it is said to be located at the commercially developed place, the Grand Front Osaka. This is a new landmark of the city that includes outlets for commercial purpose and entertainment, there is also both official and residential buildings here. The view from the International Osaka is just amazing and it is panoramic view, you actually see the entire city from just one roof top. The hotel in very way, the looks of it describe the scenic beauty of the city, Japan.

The décor has done a splendid job, with the combination of wood, stones and glass, to give away an eye relaxing atmosphere around the hotel which will make you completely forget about the busy city outside the hotel. The hotel is comprised of about 215 rooms, each room is of 50 sq. meters. These rooms are for the guests. The residential suites are more serviced than the guest suites and is fully furnished.

For the residential suites, the hotel single and double bed room, there are a few three bed room suites also available here. There are about four event space featuring with the surrounding theme of water and greenery.

There is a health center and a spa that is available for all the guests throughout the day. There is also a swimming pool.

The hotel is offering lighter snacks at the lobby, like pastries that could be eaten there or it could be taken away.

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