WestJet and Travelport work together now !

It is been declared that WestJet and Travelport have signed an agreement. They have decided to help each other with their unique services. And this agreement is not for a short period, it is expected to last for a very long time. By this agreement, the WestJet’s services will be available on the Travelport. Travel agents here at Travelport will get you connected through the WestJet, all the bookings will be made on to the WestJet airlines. There is also mobile application available for the Travelport, which makes the bookings done easy.

The Travelport has also developed application for the desktop or laptop through reservation. The Travelport is able to access all the WestJet’s content and get the reservation done quicker than any travel agency could perform. The Travelport will have a continued access to the WestJet’s services, since the agreement is said to be a long term agreement.

The agreement between the WestJet and the Travelport, helps the WestJet get the advertising and the comparison from the other airlines which is done by the Travelport that gets all the content from the WestJet and works by full access to the services rendered by the WestJet airlines.

Currently the combination of WestJet and Travelport are focusing on the first quarter season of the year 2013, to get the booking made possible for the WestJet’s plus fare which will include the prepaid seats.

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