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Colombo is one of the most beautiful cities of Sri Lanka. It is also called as the Gateway of Sri Lanka but its much more than just a passing point. It has many rich traditional and cultural sites which speak volumes about the Sri Lankan heritage. There are also plenty of spots to relax and amuse yourself. The most important places that you should never while touring this city are explained here in this post.

Kelaniya Rajamaha Viharaya

This is a famous Buddhist temple which you can reach after a 10 minute drive from Colombo. It is rumored that Lord Buddha visited this temple some 2500 years ago. Hence this place is very special and sacred. You have climb about some 50 steps to get into this temple. Once you enter into it, you can see some beautiful wall paintings and statues throughout the temple. The temple is a little dark on the inside but you can still take your camera with you and capture some fine images. It is usually crowded but it will not cause any discomfort. Be sure to wear long pants and a full or a half sleeve top. It is not mandatory to wear it but in order to maintain the sacredness of this temple most of the locals follow this dress code. As a tourist, you wouldn’t want hurt the sentiments of the locals. Would you ?

The Lighthouse

This is one of the important landmarks of Colombo. It is the oldest lighthouse in Sri Lanka. It is located near Galle on the outskirts of Colombo near the Old Parliament. There are no public transport available to this place. But if you are near the Old Parliament then you easily walk to this place. Visitors are not allowed inside the lighthouse. You can view this lighthouse outside from its foot. In the old days, it was located close to the sea and was one of the most beautiful locations in Colombo. But now due to the sea filling constructions that are going on, it has lost much of its vibrancy and beauty. If you are particular about getting a bird’s eye view then there is a Buddhist Vihara nearby and you can climb it up to get a bird’s eye view. There is no entrance fees to this Vihara.

Mount Lavinia

This is a lovely beach surrounded by a nice, clean and friendly neighborhood. Mount Lavinia is the best and the most recommended spot for relaxing and having fun with your friends or family. You can have a quiet sunbath in this nice beach which also has a waiter service and a casual restaurant by the beach side. There is also a poolside restaurant which provides a wonderful view of the ocean and a nice, cool sea breeze along with delicious food. At night, you can witness some cultural dance shows and traditional Sri Lankan music concerts in the restaurants nearby the beach. You can also visit this beach as a day guest on a cruise and can arrive at the beach after exploring the ocean which will provide you with a lovely marine experience. This cruise will have nice spa and other fun things in it and hence you won’t feel bored.

As you can see Colombo is definitely a place with plenty of traditional and natural beauties. The spots described are no-brainers only. There are many more tourist destinations that will leave you dumb struck and astounded.

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