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Oslo is a city that is not so well known to people all around the world. But its such an adorable and pleasant city that many tourists seem to overlook. This city is 1000 year old and has been marked with many remarkable monuments and places that can leave you astonished and amazed. Some of the important sites in Oslo that a tourist should not miss are as follows

The Norwegian National Opera and Ballet

This is a well constructed monument built out of marble and some wonderfully laid tiles that are properly spaced. This is where all the classic Norwegian opera takes place and is highly regarded as one of the prestigious venues to perform for an artist in Norway. If you visit this place when the opera is not taking place then you can explore a lot more about this place. You will be even allowed to walk along on the roof and you can get a good view of the entire city from the roof.

Norwegian folk museum

This is the most popular museum in the whole of Norway. It is also the largest and the oldest museum. Having a collection of more than 150 houses from different regions of Norway, it depicts the evolution of Norwegian culture. These museums constitutes the outdoor museum. Also there is an indoor museum which showcases a variety of antique collections from the Norwegian culture.

Vigeland Museum

This is a fascinating monument which showcases some beautiful sculptures of the famous sculptors who lived in different parts of Norway. Looking at these statues can give you a perspective of the medieval arts. It would also help you get a hold on the Norwegian perspective about arts. On the inside, there are many paintings on the walls depicting contemporary arts. All the art lover would definitely cherish their visit to this museum.

The Holocaust center

This is a historic landmark and is a very popular monument associated with the Second World War. This place served as the Nazi headquarters during the Hitler Era when the Nazi Germany was expanding fast. Now at present, it contains remains of these Nazi culture showcasing different memoirs of the Hitler regime. It is now being used an exhibition to showcase the artifacts belonging to the Nazi era. This is one of the most intriguing and enticing places in Oslo for all the historians.

Oslo Skytesenter

This is an indoor shooting facility in Oslo which is available for tourist access. The Oslo Skytesenter is a certified dealer in arms and weapons. They have some excellent shooting packages here with a good discount. There are also some trainers who can quickly train those who have no background experience in shooting. As far as safety is concerned, there are some extremely good safety protocols in place. Thus you can come here and practice shooting without any concerns.

Oslo has been little known to the people around the world despite its amazing beauty. But now that you have read the description of some of the interesting tourist spots, you can definitely visit Oslo and make your money worth it.

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