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Marseille is a port city in France and is also the third largest city in France. It is built stylishly and every street and every corner is built upon France’s theme which is elegance. Travelers who are looking to spend their vacations in a less crowded, lovely and spectacular city can certainly travel to Marseille. The places that you must not miss as a traveler are as follows.

The Panier

It is one of the oldest places in Marseille and one of the best places in the city to take a morning walk. It has a group of narrow streets in which there are fantastic coffee joints and restaurants which serves some lovely food. You can have your food here after a good walk. The highlight of this entire walk is that it totally relaxes you and enables you to enjoy the scenic beauty of this city.

The Old Port

This was the port of Marseille a long time ago. It was one of the most commercially busy ports in Marseille with boats arriving from Africa. It has been revitalized and now many cruise ships arrive to Marseille through this port. It is still widely considered by many of the locals as one of the busiest ports in Marseille. It is located about 3 kilometers from the south of Panier. Visiting this port will help you to get some idea about Marseille’s amazing industrial history.

Fort Saint-Jean

This is a historic landmark that now serves as a museum. There are two main entrances
into this fort. One of the entrance from the Museum of History and the other entrance is an elevated bridge that directly enters into the fort. It has a small cinema hall, a bookstore and a cafe. The cinema hall shows dramas and plays about Marseille’s and France’s history. It also has a bookstore and one can find a variety of books written by some of the best authors of France. You can also find books by great writers from other languages.The kids can have plenty of fun too.

Stade Velodrome

Stade Velodrome is the home stadium for Ligue 1 team Olympique Marseille. It is one of the best places in France to watch football. The most important matches of the 1998 FIFA world cup in France was held in this stadium, including the semifinal match between France and Croatia. When the stadium is filled up with fans it will have an electrifying atmosphere.

OK Corral

Ok Corral has some amusing water rides and is a fantastic amusement park. People of all ages will enjoy these rides and this amusement park as a whole. There is a little corral park in which there are many rare species of aquatic organisms. Kids will enjoy a visit to this corral park. Visiting this amusement park will definitely give you an enjoyable experience.

Being one of the most cultural and elegant cities in the world, Marseille is one of the most visited city in France. This amazing city gives every tourist a perspective of the French culture and their elegance

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