Why one should go here?

One should go here for its unique historical sights and also for its blue skies as well as Mediterranean food. It has great historic sights right from the Neolithic temples popularly known as the Knights of Malta. It is a great sightseeing across the island. It is fully surrounded by sea from three sides and walls on the other four sides built by the Ottoman T5urks. Valletta’s streets are narrow with Galleriji hanging, enclosed with wood balconies and with a Grand Master’s palace which dominates the main square. It also has a nineteenth century national opera house which is an art of the state having open air theatre.

When to visit this place?

One can visit this place anytime but during summer it is fabulous to view the bright seas and the skies. This is the perfect time for having long boat trips and sunbathing as well as swimming. Spring and autumn also are very good to visit Valletta. The weather will be awesome with the temperature comfortable. There is also cultural activity often happening in this place that improves its beauty furthermore.

How to get there?

There are number ways one can get there. They are


It is very easy to reach this place using flights. One can come from UK airports which is just half an hour distance from Valleta by road. Air Malta has flights at all times from Healthroe, Gatwick and Manchester. In summer there are flights available from Thomas Cook.


There are tourist information officers in the waterfront along with cafes and restaurants. Most cruises lay a tour on the city and one can go alone in them.


There is a ferry from sicily to Malta that docks at the Valletta waterfront. It takes around a 1 and half hour of time and run by Virtu Ferries.

Travel agencies

These are the best agency which can take care of all the tourism proccess. Choice Holidays (0844 4124343) and Malta Direct (the holiday arm of Air Malta, 0845 6040035) If you are looking for a guide then you can go for Martin Randall (020 8742 3355) or Kirker Holidays (020 7593 1899).

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