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Transportation and its Merits:

One of the easiest ways, to travel from one place to another is done through vehicles. Vehicles generally could be referred to as two, three and the four wheelers. Today, an improvement in the field of transport has facilitated people to travel to their destination regardless of their time and distance. To start on with this vast topic, let’s start with the two wheelers. We, have varieties of models available in two wheelers. The experts, in these industries present two wheelers such as bikes, bicycles, scooters, etc. Most of the people, use two wheelers to travel a very short distance and it runs with the help of petrol’s, but cycles are unique they do not emit any form of gases and they are cost free.

Innovation Indian Transport Industry

Uses of Three-tired Vehicles:

The next mode to travel, at a medium distance are the three wheelers, they include autos, rickshaws, tricycle, etc. This, kind of transport could accommodate 3 to 4 people while travelling. Tricycles are effort based wheel and they do not need any fuels whereas, other 3 wheelers work on petrol’s and diesels. We, have all 2 types to lend the autos they could be either public or private transport.

Advantages of Transport:

The next form of mode is the four wheelers here we have buses, Lorries and cars. Buses are of many types, that is the first type of buses are public transports it moves for the welfare of the public to reach their destination at a minimum cost and it could carry 50 passengers per trip. Another type of buses, is private transport they include college and other private agency’s buses. Lorries, are also classified as public and private Lorries they both work on diesels. Rather than these we have trucks, cranes and other transports. All these kinds, of modes of transport have made the work of the many people easy.

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