Are you planning for a trip or a vacation? Thinking of visiting any country to enjoy your days? First read in this article so that you may not land up in the most dangerous country. This is true and official information. Yes Mexico is the country. This country is named so because five of its major cities are ranked in the top ten deadly murders capitals. It has been recorded that 1143 citizens were killed in 12 months. It is similar to other dangerous countries like Latin America and Brazil. Two main cities which to be noted here is Monterrey and Veracruz. These cities are very much cautioned one. These have higher murder rates. This is been reported by 2011 statistics. New Orleans was termed the most violent city in the U.S. The 2011 list for most violent city were given out as San Pedro, then Sula Honduras, and Mexico was at the second spot. In top ten Mexico stands in the seventh place. So if anyone who have planned to shift to this place please try to change your decisions. This will help to live a more secured life.

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