UntitledThere are many skylines present all around the world but only few of them are really stunning to have a view at them. One of them is the Hong Kong skyline. To have a glimpse of this skyline can never be compared with any other thing. This area is packed with many skyscrapers which leave the visitor just wailing around those scrapers. The next area is New York. The Manhattan’s skyline is the diverse of all. It is a sight which can be recognized from any part of New York. The next one is Sydney, Australia. The Sydney Opera house is very much ironic and will leave the visitor stunning with its looks. The roofs looks like a shells arranged in a series. There is much other world class architecture which is also present. Also Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro could never be forgotten. Its landmark is considered as one of the newest wonders of the world. Rio is a stretch at the Atlantic coast which has natural wonders around it. No one can forget U.S.A. though this place will remain hibernated for four months. A boat trip on the Lake Michigan has a perfect viewing of the folks who are in that place. These are some of the places which are majestic and stand out from others.

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