Top Five tips for travelling with an iPhone

If you are going out away for travel here are certain travelling tips for your iPhone.

Don’t use data roaming:

  1. iPhone uses a lot of roaming charges at the time of travelling.
  2. For every usage of data on the iPhone charges will be charged as per the service providers.
  3. For every moderate use of the iPhone it may take 100 MB in a week or two.
  4. A better option is to buy a prepaid SIM card with data enabled on your destination.
  5. You will also get error free data usage with minimum charges.
  6. Bridge ASIA rome data SIM is the commonly used SIM for data usage on iPhones during travel.
  7. So, opt for the roaming data SIM during travel on to rural areas.


How to ensure your iPhone is locked:
For using the foreign SIM card its always advisable to call your Telco and verify whether the iPhone is locked or not. Telstra, Optus and Vodaphone always unlock your iPhone even though it has expired dates. So, try to get another SIM which is available on the charges of the place where you visit.
Bring a SIM cutter along with your iPhone:

  1. iPhone uses micro SIM, which is available to certain service providers.
  2. Fortunately the SIM cards available for the iPhone are similar to normal SIMs.
  3. Buy a SIM card cutter along with you, because micro SIM cards are same as that of normal SIMs.
  4. The cutter will actually reduce the cost of calls through normal electronic gadgets. 

Be prepared to fiddle with APN setting:
When you travel to some other country then the APN pin number is required for us to use it on the iPhone. Without pin number, it is not possible to use data or trunk calls for setting up an APN number you need to enter the code and country of the present place at where you are residing in.
Do not expect personal hotspot to work:
At the time of travelling to longer places we cannot rely on the hotspot and the internet until, we change the whole SIM card of the residing place.

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