Five top pieces of travel gear rated in 2013

Retractable spool cables:

These cables are loaded with a spring and can be stretched at a varying distance. These electronic items are used for travelling. It has mini and micro USB including the Apple dock connector for using on apple products. You can use these cables for charging any sort of a device and for connecting it via the USB on your computer. You can also take an extra set of the kit for lone mile travel.

Four wheels spinner rolling bag:

  1. These bags are useful especially in pavements and airports to carry heavy loads.
  2. Four-wheel spinners are comfortable for carrying on distant places.
  3. Two wheel spinners are avoided, because we needed to keep a hand on it at the time of rain.
  4. Do not use black bag, because spotting will become difficult.


Weekender style hand luggage:

Rolla board has been replaced by style hand luggage, because it does not require overhead space in the aircraft. Since everyone adores gadgets of smaller sizes, the need for computers has been vanished. Moreover, hand luggage is comfortable especially for women who do not wish to take heavy luggages during travel.

11-inch ultra laptop:

  1. Ultra books are more fragile when compared to 17inch, laptops that were available on those days.
  2. They are weightless and can perform at a very high speed, when compared to normal laptops.
  3. Ultra books are more specifically purchased for travelers, because of its simple look.
  4. Prefer purchasing some different color for spotting, because people mostly prefer only black color.

Portable external battery recharger:

It is always better to carry an external battery recharger along with you during travel to faraway places. These battery rechargers will not occupy more space in your luggage. Therefore, you can take an extra battery along with you in case of emergency.

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