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Top 5 Places to Enjoy Costa Rica Nightlife

The nightlife activity of Costa Rica is pretty amazing. The cool bars and clubs, make the night super exciting. Costa Rica nightlife is vibrant and colorful like the country itself. Costa Ricans love to party and that is quite evident. They do not need weekends to party. Costa Rica nightclubs are full house, even on weekdays.

When does the party start?

The night here in Costa Rica starts late. You get a special discount if you head up to the pubs and bars before 9:30 PM. Most of the party-goers hit the party pad around 11 PM. Costa Rica nightclubs are crazy crowded till 4 AM

Costa Rica Nightlife

What to wear?

Anything you want to wear actually! Costa Ricans are super cool people. They are always in their casual mode. You will see them wearing flip flops, tees, and shorts while partying and that is fine. You don’t need fancy attires to enjoy the nightlife in Costa Rica. If you choose a more sophisticated bar or a club, you might want to dress up in a fancier way. Some bars have dress codes.

Top 5 places for Costa Rica nightlife

Costa Rica has its style when it comes to nightlife. The best place for nightlife in Costa Rica, San Jose, is popular all over the world. The night street parties are a matter of pride for the Costa Ricans. One of such popular events is Fiestas Palmeras. It is an annual event that is a hotspot for party lovers. But that is not it. There are many places which offer amazing nightlife. Here is a list.

Costa Rica Nightlife


Tamarindo wakes up after the dusk. From a casino to discos to pubs, you have plenty of options to go to. The local people designate one particular place each night as a hotspot. It is done quite informally but is of great fun. Dance till you ache your feet, go for karaoke, Tamarindo will never disappoint you. Moreover, you can also try one of the live concerts. In short, Tamarindo will hold a special place in your heart when you talk about Costa Rica nightlife.

San Jose

One of the most popular places for nightlife, San Jose, Costa Rica, is world-famous. There are plenty of options to enjoy Costa Rica nightlife. The locals, the tourists, college students, everyone loves to party in San Jose. There are many interesting clubs, pubs and night clubs. Dance is a major part of Costa Rica nightlife. So, dance salons and disco are in abundance. Some of them have live concerts on the weekends. Furthermore, the city also boasts some of the very popular casinos. You will enjoy the nightlife in San Jose Costa Rica to the fullest.

Puerto Viejo

Unlike other cities, the nightlife in Puerto Viejo is one of a kind. You don’t need to go to a bar to enjoy the nightlife. Grab a bottle of beer and head to any streets downtown, you will have an amazing time. Since the nightlife is on the street, it is better not to carry too much cash. The Sundays are for the DJs who take over the nightlife. Be careful while you party and enjoy your laidback Costa Rica nightlife.

Costa Rica Nightlife


Jaco is the epicenter of classic Costa Rica nightlife. The bars and pubs here in Jaco are quite happening. If you are with your friends or with your partner, Jaco will offer you the best nightlife in Costa Rica. The discos here have huge dance floors. We all know how Costa Ricans love to dance. You must hot the dance just get the flavor of nightlife in Costa Rica

Playa del Coco

This is one of the liveliest beach towns. There are many bars around the central plaza of the town. Discos and Casinos are all around. There are many restaurants all over the place. Some of them turn into a bar after the night starts.

Costa Rica Nightlife

Pro Tips

Though it is very safe to party in Costa Rica. It is better to note a few things down while partying. Do not carry a lot of cash. Costa Rica is one of the safest countries in the region. However, many tourists come down from different countries. It is better to carry less cash and expensive goods to the party, to avoid any kind of unwanted incidents. If you have plans to enjoy the night outside, wear comfy clothes and shoes. Most of the Costa Ricans are helpful, so in case you need any help, talk to locals, they will help you out.

This is pretty much everything about Costa Rica nightlife. Enjoy the daytime exploring the country and party at night. What can be better for an ideal vacation? Tiring? What is that? Costa Rica will give you an experience of a lifetime.

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