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Top 10 deadliest beaches in the world

Brevard country, Florida, USA:

There is a danger of rip currents in these beaches. This beach is considered to be the scariest regarding rip currents. More than 10 swimmers have drowned due to water tides.


Kilauea, Hawaii, USA:

  1. In this beach, hot lava that flows from Kilauea volcano enters into this ocean.
  2. The volcano has been doing this for the past 20 years.
  3. Millions of tourists have lost their lives with this regard.

Bikini Atoll:

  1. This is the area of the Marshall Islands, which has been allotted by the US for testing their nuclear weapons.
  2. There is a widespread radioactive contamination in this ocean and tourists have a great trouble while reaching this place.


Smyrna beach:

This beach is situated in Florida and thousands of visitors look towards the beautiful white sand. The scariest thing about this place is that it has violent shark attacks.

Northern shore of Oahu:

  1. On the northern shore of Oahu is Hawaii Island where the waters are filled with wild sea creatures.
  2. There are tiger sharks, Galapagos sharks and so on and these are considered to be the deadliest of all sharks.


Long beach Island:

This beach has the deadliest sharks and it has lessened the tourist attractions for all such reasons.

West end, Grand Bahama Island:

  1. Some of the most shark-infested waters in the world surround this island with a particular population of tiger sharks.
  2. There have not been many attacks in this island.


Galveston, Texas:

The tourists from all over the world love this place but for the past 100 years, people are experiencing vast shark attacks. This beach is the 8th dangerous beach to visit.

Myrtle Beach:

  1. This beach is popular for surfing and swimming.
  2. Although this beach is beautiful, enough to attract the people all over the world, but still it is dangerous to go there.


Northern Australian coast:

Snakes and jellyfishes are poisonous in this place. More than 60 people are found to be dead during the visit.

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