Deadliest mountains in the world


  1. This mountain is 3,970-meters located in Switzerland.
  2. The hill attracts blizzards like a magnet and generates its own weather.
  3. Due to thick fog and nasty weather, it is very dangerous to climb up this peak.

mount fuji

Mount Fuji:

This is the highest volcano and the most dangerous peak in Japan. It forms with various layers of rock and any time there is a danger of volcanic eruption.

Denali Alaska:

  1. Mt. McKinley is the highest mountain peak within Alaska Range.
  2. Due to unfavorable weather conditions, people climbing over the mountain have died during the summit.
  3. This is considered to be the world’s 8th deadliest mountain in the world.


Mount Washington:

  1. This is a massive peak found in the northeast of the United States of America.
  2. It is a risky dangerous pathway, because there are unpredicted weather, windblasts and impulsive snowstorms.


Mount Everest:

This is the highest peak in the world. There is always a risk of changing weather and the temperature may go beyond negative degrees.

The Matterhorn:

  1. This is the tenth highest mountain in Alpine peaks.
  2. It looks like a pyramid with four triangular faces.
  3. Even the highly experienced climbers cannot climb this because of the danger.



  1. This is the highest mountain in India and second highest in Nepal.
  2. There is risk of mountain cracks and falling rocks.
  3. Because of its rough surface, scary animals and storms is very risky and unsafe to climb the mountain.


There is always a change in the weather and existence of worst snow conditions. These factors make this mountain a dangerous place for the climbers.


Nanga Parbat:

  1. This mountain has the longest list of human death and tragedies.
  2. This wall of climate has fascinated many climbers that it is easy to climb, but it has steep slopes and glaciers.


Threats are unpredictable and even the climber experts have to face many hurdles. You must have full awareness at the time of climbing over the top.

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