Even a small kid knows what a Taj Mahal is; it is one of the finest arts created by the ancient Mughals. The art used and the design view just leaves the viewers stunning at the monument. But does anyone of us knows there exist another Taj Mahal? Really there is another piece of architecture which is similar to the real art. This is not the one situated in Agra. This is not a monumental blunder this is situated in Bhopal. Yes the capital of Madhya Pradesh proudly holds in a Taj Mahal which was also built by a Shah Jahan who was the begum of the state. This monument was erected during the late 19th century. The monument in Agra stands as a symbol of grief and the pain of love and the reason for which it was built didn’t even had a glimpse of it. But the former Taj Mahal had a complete different storyline. This was a palace where the Begum herself lived in. It was first named as Raj Bhavan then renamed to Taj Mahal. The palace looks so beautiful. It took 13 long years to erect this building. It includes 120 rooms, Sheesh Mahal and a fountain stands proud that is named as Savan Bhadon. This had an effect of rain. A piece of beauty and elegance which might not be known by most of the people but stands still at the courts of Bhopal.

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