How the new election of 2013 in Malaysia can impact tourism in the country

Malaysia ranks to be the famous country among south East Asia. It has 13 states and 3 federal territories. This country is multilingual, multi ethnic and multicultural. It plays a vital role in tourism. Malaysia ranks to be the 9th most visited places in the world. The tourism sector ranks to be 3rd largest source of income in foreign exchange. It is made up of two distinctive and attractive parts that is Malaysian peninsular and Malaysian Borneo. It is commonly called as the tropical paradise.

Major attractions of Malaysia:

  1. Major important tourist place of attraction in Malaysia is Taman Negara, which is a national park in the country.
  2. Petronas twin towers, which is the largest twin tower. Mount Kinabalu sets to be the Attractive Mountain for the tourists.
  3. Mulu caves are regarded to be the largest cave in the country.
  4. Perhentian islands are very attractive for the people and their travel without any anxiety to the island.
  5. The Sepilok rehabilitation center is for the orphaned orangutans that are trained to survive when ready.
  6. Other spots include Cameron highlands and Georgetown inner city.

Some exciting activities that you and your family can engage in Malaysia:

You can go for Hiking in mount Kinabalu or in Cameron islands. Shopping in Kuala Lumpur will set an amazing experience. Taking part in colorful festivals will increase the grade of city. You can also consume traditional food of Malaysia. You can also experience natural sceneries, which are the gift for Malaysia. The economy of the country improves day by day because of tourism and foreign trading system. This tropical paradise is the reflection of cultural integration. It is a wonderful place and it should be visited by everyone around the world.

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