Review of bellroy travel wallets

Wallets for flyers:

  1. Business travelers and the flyers instantly possess the need to travel wish to move light during their journey and so such travelers can use travel wallets.
  2. You can purchase a wallet, which will hold your passport, frequent flyer cards, boarding passes and so on.
  3. To fit all these things into a single wallet you can opt for bellroy travel wallets.
  4. It is a stylish and slimy wallet, which is sold in various sizes and multiple colors.
  5. It is an affordable wallet and is slightly larger than your passport.
  6. It also has the perfect number of slots and you can stuff all your cards and things inside one single wallet.

Traveler’s wallet:

In this kind of wallet, you can access it in your pocket. The passport will be much secure without a single fold and so it favors most of the business travelers and the frequent flyers. Inside the wallet, there are four slots and you can place the frequently used cards, so that it will be easier for you to use the card whenever it is needed. You can place the important cards in the wallet and ensure that unwanted things are not kept inside it.

Design of wallets:

  1. There are two large sections and three extra slots for placing more cards.
  2. There is also a tiny fourth slot, where you can place SIM cards and micro SIM in that slot.
  3. There is also a small silo in the middle of the wallet, which contains a compact pen for filling in the forms at the time of arrival and departure.
  4. The entire wallet is made out of leather and is available in smooth black or light green cocoa color and it gives you a pleasant look to carry along with you during the time of travel.
  5. Three-year warranty is also provided for the wallet to ensure the travelers experience it as the perfect travel companion.

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