The Best SIM cards for voice and mobile internet data in France

Network in France:

Depending on your device, you need to have a regular SIM or a micro SIM. They are mostly manufactured at various versions. Do not expect NANO SIM to be used in iphone5 but then rather consider using a SIM, which has data or voice + data.

Voice data SIMs:

Orange SIM cards have 1GB of data and unlimited calling for $49.90 or 500MB data and unlimited calling for $39.90. 500MB data and 2h of calling for $29.90 and at the same time if you wish to use SFR SIM then you have multiple choices. You can get 20MB of data for 24 hours at $3 else, you can use 150MB data for one week at $10. 500MB of data for 20 days at $20 and 500MB of data for 20 days and $10 of call costs for $24. Sometimes language may also be a problem for the travelers and so the SFR SIM provides English language help desk and it costs nothing if you are using SFR phones.

Notes for purchasing a SIM:

  1. Approach the mobile center as much as possible and do not dump anything via online because pre-ordering can be less worthy.
  2. Bring your passport for personal verification and identity.
  3. You need to provide your name and date of birth for confirming whether your SIM is active or not.
  4. Turn off the internet before your data plan activates, because it will drain your main balance.
  5. You will get “welcome to France” message as soon as your data plan is activated.
  6. Try to keep a spare recharge voucher in case of emergency it will help you.
  7. Another thing that should be considered is that at the time of deadline for renewal your pack, auto renewal option will help you to adopt the data pack automatically to your system.
  8. Therefore, you can be free from recharging for every month.

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