Places that attract the tourists in Australia

Great Barrier Reef:

This was named as one of the Seven Wonders of the World in 1997, because it is the only living thing on earth, which is visible from the space itself. This is certainly the biggest treasure of Australia.

Sydney harbor:

  1. This is a natural harbor located on Australia’s east coast.
  2. This harbor is ranked as the number one place in Sydney.
  3. It offers multiple views where you can watch the sunset, have picnics and do a lot of things.


  1. This is a dramatic sand stone, which offers iconic views on the country.
  2. The sunset and sunrise are the most beautiful times to visit to this place.
  3. You can also enjoy pleasure under the starry desert.

Sydney opera house:

This has a fascinating architecture and a multi venue performing arts center with more than 1500 performances. Many visitors take a guided tour of the place and it has incredible building.

Fraser Island:

This is the world’s largest sand island where you can prefer sightseeing walks. The famous 4WD safari’s is the most popular event for the visitors.


  1. This is a collection of 74 islands located on the central coast of the island.
  2. Sailing through these famous islands combines the best of Whitsundays in one holiday trip.
  3. Avoid missing the trips.

The Franklin River:

This river is located in the Tasmanian wilderness, which is a part of world heritage. If you are a lover of adventure then you will love its natural beauty.

Wilpena pound:

This place is located in Flinders ranges and it gives you greater geographical view and wildlife. You can choose to camp outside or reside inside the resort.

Kakadu national park:

This is a protected area, which allows you to explore and discover the secret of the land. This place shows the heritage of the earth with excellent wildlife adventures.

Australian wineries:

If you are a wine lover then this is the best place to be visited. This can be a tour of boutique wineries that, you should not miss.

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