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f3342b39f168c65f6a0bbd331a322573The premier league is the place where the last football match had taken place. The statistics have shown that more than 1 million visitors vested this place. Thus the British economy had increased upto an amount of $1.12billion. Those visitors have spent almost $1,256. It is a much surprising thing to be noted where such a large amount of visitors are accounted. The mostly visited places were Manchester United and Liverpool, the beautiful and stunning London clubs. Arsenal and Chelsea were the other places. The large number of visitors was accounted from Ireland, Norway, Spain and Germany. This is one of the sports where so many visitors were accounted. The rest of the sports which are watched next to the football match are cricket, rugby and golf. This is something sarcastic and the amount accounted is more than the other matches. The reason can not be termed only the sport happening but also the other beautiful places in that area. Thus the visitors were guaranteed to have a wonderful time not only watching the match but also the beautiful art around the city.

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