riga-1Riga is one of the places which have much world class art. It is one of the places which is present from the medieval times and has a mixture of many cultures within it. We can find a combination of Latvian, Russian and German cultures within. Undoubtedly there will be nothing less to be viewed. It is very much vibrant and one could find a modern buzz here. In the Latvian we can find a larger number of world class arts of buildings of the Nouveau culture. It will be a memorable experience in the lanes of the Soviet history. There are many hotels located from which one of them can be chosen. Many hotels can be notified with their specialism in one of the cultures. Riga has two different places to be viewed and enjoyed. One is the old one which is located near the riverside. The other one is termed the newer centre which has the district art in it. The famous Statue of French stands in the old town which is present there since 1897. That is of the epic hero Roland. There are many buildings which are restored for the visitors to view and enjoy. It will be an immense pleasure having a site of those places which are from those times when we were not even born.

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