One of the fastest means of transport is the railways. In each and every country, there are many forms of trains developing and existing in many ways. These railways, are the fastest and the cheapest means of transport. In countries, like India there is a moderate form of the railway system. Trains work on various sources and the most common form of source is that it works on magnetic force, another form of trains works with the help of a battery, that is these type of trains move on the hilly areas such as Ooty, Shimla and various other hilly regions. Our Indian railway system, is very unique from other countries is that the tickets are mostly cheap and in order to set for the welfare of the people.


Merits of Indian Railways:

The government of India, has provided school and college students with the train passes thereby making, a special concession to the candidates. The students, feel free to use these type of passes and its very useful for them to reach their destination points. For, the lower class people these types of concession passes set to be very useful. The trains, move only through tracks and railways are one of the unique transport system. Local trains travel, to local areas whereas national trains travel at a longer distance.

Effects of Railways:

On most trains, all sorts of facilities are provided and the only criteria required to travel through trains is that, we need to get the tickets. Local railway tickets, are available at any time but national tickets need to be booked a day before the travel. One train could take more than 500 persons towards the given destination point. The government of  India, is very keen on constructing metro rails which could make our travelling easy and faster to reach the place in proper time. This metro rails, could raise the standard of our country.

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