Lisbon is the capital city of Portugal. In recent times, it has attracted a plenty of tourist due to its warm Mediterranean climate. It has many buildings constructed out of white bleach limestone. Its mix of traditional architecture and contemporary culture makes it one of the most important holiday destinations in the world. Some of the places that you must not miss while traveling to Lisbon are as follows.

National Tile Museum

Lisbon has a museum dedicated to ceramic tiles which was previously in a convent known as the Convent of the Mother of God. It does not look attractive on the outside. But don’t get fooled by it as there is a huge, fascinating chapel waiting for you on the inside. The walls of the chapel are filled with huge paintings and all of these paintings are framed in gold-colored frames. The Portuguese became popular by making ceramic tiles with some fascinating paintings on it. These tiles are placed throughout the front wall of the chapel and they can provide a great inspiration for artists and any common man who can understand great arts. There are many guides available to talk you through the museum. Most of them speak in English as well.

Vasco Da Gama bridge

This is an extremely well-built bridge running across the Tagus River. This bridge is held by a cable suspension and has been carefully built to ensure the safety of the travelers. It has been named after Vasco Da Gama who is a famous Portuguese explorer of the 15th century. This bridge is almost 7 miles long and properly spaced by viaducts.


Alfama is a beautiful small town that became a part of the Arab empire in 10th century when they invaded and ruled a part of Portugal for a brief period of time. There are lovely little shops in every turn and in every street. There is a palace that was constructed by the Arabs when they stayed in Alfama. There are many fishing ports. Those who would like to be locally famous Portuguese items will enjoy taking a walk through Alfama.

Estadio Nacional

Estadio Nacional is one of the most popular football stadiums in Portugal. It is located in Cruz Quebrada which is about 15 minutes from Cais do Sodre station in Lisbon city centre. It has not undergone any major renovations for 50 years and still remains the way it was all that time ago. This is where all the major and the most important football matches that happen in Portugal are held. It always hosts the Portuguese Cup final. This is where the 2014 UEFA champions league was held. This is a must see place for all the football fans.

Lisbon has an extremely joyful atmosphere and the open minded people here can really provide you a great travel experience to Lisbon. Plan your travel to Lisbon along with your family and enjoy your vacation.

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