Bucharest is a beautiful Romanian city which is adored by many for centuries. It is also known as “Little Paris” for its elegance and beauty. There are many stylish 20th century architecture which has a lot of French inspiration. With its perfect railway network and metros you can easily travel around and explore Bucharest. There are many buildings, landmarks and other interesting in Bucharest . But the important ones that you cannot afford to miss are as follows.

Romanian Athenaeum

This is one of the topmost tourist spots of Bucharest. It is an old and traditional building that looks beautiful on the inside and outside. It is used for staging concerts and plays. However, this building has a lots to show to the curious visitors from all over the world. It has a lots of old Roman paintings on the inside from the start to the end. The tourists can also have a look at the theaters and the makings of some of the popular plays. After you are done with your trip through this wonderful building you can relax a little in the cafe on a street beside the road.

Village Museum

Village Museum is one of the unique tourist spots not just in Bucharest or Romania but in the entire world. It is an outdoor museum that showcases more than 300 buildings depicting the evolution of the Romanian architecture. Each building signifies a certain part of Romanian culture and architecture which helped in shaping the modern Romania. Once you are done exploring the museum you can also wander through the lovely garden located near the museum campus. On some days you can catch some free traditional folk performances by some of the local artists. This museum can give you an idea about good architecture and provide a great inspiration for aspiring architects.

Palace of Parliament

This is the second largest building in the world built by the Romanian emperor Nicolae Ceausescu. However he was overthrown and persecuted before the construction of this building was completed. The design of the building looks somewhat dubious. It has some extremely good interiors. There are many big grand caravenous rooms which are mostly used for the meeting of the Parliament members. It has as many as 6000 rooms, not all of it is used though.You have to approach the front desk counter to buy tickets. There is tight security and surveillance throughout this building.

Escape Rooms

If you are looking for some place to have fun then Escape Rooms is the place to be. You will be locked inside a big room which is full of clues to help you find your way out of it. Although it might sound simple, it is not so easy to solve these puzzles which provide you the route out of this Escape Room. Also there are so many clues that it might take you an entire day to solve them and get out of the room.

Bucharest has many more amazing places that can provide you with a complete and satisfying experience. Explore Bucharest and find the pleasure of your life.

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