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Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany when it comes to size and population. This is a beautiful harbor city in Germany. There are many waterways and canals hence it is rightfully called the “Venice of the North”. You can visit the fish markets, the Merchants District or have a fine dinner in the riverside restaurant. There are a plenty of interesting places and beautiful tourists spots that you can visit in Hamburg. The most important spots that you must not miss are mentioned in detail here.


This is a lovely small village on the outskirts of Hamburg city. There are beautiful houses with proper steps leading upto the sandy walk near the beach. You should climb many steps to get to this sandy beach. Hence it is not recommended for those who are disabled and for those who use prams. There are some lovely coffee shops and restaurants in this place. You can take a bus to the top and bottom of the village. Also you can reach there by taking a train to Blankenese or take a walk around.

Miniatur Wunderland

This is the largest model train exhibit in the world and is the best place to go for model train lovers. Miniatures of the entire Hamburg City is created and different types of model trains run through this miniature. You can also see miniature recreations of Austria, Grand Canyon and Scandinavia. Reservations can be done online and you need to be there. It will be very exciting for kids and adults who are interested in building model trains. It will be a very tiresome trip but is very enjoyable.

Town Hall

The Town Hall is one of the important landmarks of Hamburg. This was constructed in the later part of the 19th century. The builders tried to build this in Renaissance style. This is an architectural showpiece which looks much older than what it seems like. However, the tourists cannot wander around in all the parts of this place. Some part of this hall is restricted and is out of access for locals and tourists. For example, only officials will be allowed into the ground floor lobby. The entrance charge is about 3 to 4 Euros. Taking pictures inside this hall is allowed. There are many tourist guides and some of them are available in English. You will greatly appreciate the hospitality. Also there are other buildings nearby like the Rathuis which are definitely worth visiting. There are some cafes, restaurants and other eateries near this place, in the vicinity, which serve some local delicacies. A trip to the Town Hall is so informative that you will completely enjoy it.

Like most of the other German cities, Hamburg is extremely beautiful and built based on the spirit of the German theme. A trip through this city will be very enriching and will be extremely entertaining. This is a fantastic place to visit for a family vacation. Also, it will be an extremely economical trip. So plan your holidays, book your visit and be here at Hamburg.

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