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Dubai is a Perfect Land of Spectacles and Attractions

Dubai is a wonderful city in the United Arab Emirates. This is a luxurious place apt for the shopping freaks. One would admire the ultra-modern architecture of the place. When following the Dubai travel guide, you would come to know the best holiday destination ideas to visit in this part of the world.

Dubai travel guide

The Dubai travel guide will explain you about the stupendous nightlife of the place. Among the top attractions, one can admire the view of Burj Khalifa. This is the 83 meters skyscraper frequented by both locals and tourists alike. Close to this, you find the Dubai Fountain. The lights and the jets at the place are choreographed musically. Just offshore on the artificial island one can see the Atlantic. In fact, there are more to visit and admire as part of the package.

  • Palm Jumeirah Island

In Dubai, you can simply visit the Palm Jumeirah Island. The island has the shape of a palm tree. The Dubai Travel Guide will explain the whereabouts of the island in details. The island has been made artificially. Here, you can find the array of the high-end hotels to stay. The list includes Waldorf Astoria, Fairmont, One&Only, Jumeirah Zabeel Saray and Atlantis. Dubai Travel Guide will explain in details the facilities available at the hotel.

Dubai travel guide

  • About Dubai Creek

When going through Dubai Travel Guide you can easily learn about Dubai Creek, the ancient trade route. Here you can admire the glamour and glitz of the sky rise towers. The Creek is the saltwater estuary. This is the original residing ground of the Bani Yas tribe. The water of the place was vitally used as part of Dubai economy.

Dubai travel guide

You can find the details of the Creek in the Dubai Travel Guide. At the Creek, one can go for pearl fishing and diving. Here, you can visit the Dubai Museum. At the destination, one can find the labyrinth alleyways of the spice, gold and the textile souks.

  • Things to do at the Kite Beach

In Dubai, you can at best visit the Kite Beach. Dubai Travel Guide will tell you that this is the best destination for one to test the water sports skills. Here, you can even sit at one of the open-air cafes and admire the rest.

Dubai travel guide

  • View of Dubai Marina

Once you go through Dubai Travel Guide, you would be pleased to know about the best things to do at the beach. You can watch the skaters fly and the bikers with speed. This is the best place where you can play a game of volleyball. However, there are more recreations to try at the Kite Beach.

Dubai travel guide

Dubai Travel Guide will tell you about Dubai Marina. This is the spectacular cityscape for you to see and admire. Once you walk through Dubai Marina you get a glimpse of the tallest buildings and apartments. You can simply take a walk or set sailing from the destination of the Dubai Marina Yacht Club.

Much can be known about Dubai Marina from Dubai Travel Guide. This is a water destination where you can spend time strolling all along.

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