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Killarney National Park

Killarney National Park is an amazing place to visit when you are in Ireland. The Killarney National Park has a vast and beautiful, and plenty of hiking experience and also it’s a most visited place by world travelers. Best time to visit is in the morning, it’s a good way to see the park if you have limited time. There is a wonderful setting to see both nature and the ancient castle and ruins of the area. It is quaint and peaceful and worth a couple of hours to drive around it. This Killarney National Park is huge and well suited for walkers and cyclists. It’s a must-see stop when you want to see Ireland tourist attractions. Killarney National Park is one of the best places in Ireland with your friends or families.

Wild Atlantic Way

The Wild Atlantic Way is one of the best tourist trials in the Ireland. You can see the power of the wild Atlantic Ocean being in the mainland’s of Ireland with the cliffs and the hills on your back. This will give you one of the most breathtaking moments in your lifetime. The Wild Atlantic Way map shows you an incredible road and beautiful views. This is the best way to move from one town to another town and to visit Ireland. If you’re in someplace on the west coast of Ireland, take more time to travel in Wild Atlantic Way direction. Wild Atlantic Way is one of the best Ireland tourist attractions if you have come with your friends or family.

EPIC the Irish Emigration Museum

EPIC The Irish Museum is a must see if you visit Dublin city. The all-digital museum is set in an intriguing chain of rooms in the center of Dublin. EPIC the Irish Emigration museum is full of Irish history and facts, also it tells the story of the Irish diaspora with sensitivity and clarity. If you want to more about EPIC the Irish Emigration Museum, just refer Ireland travel guide for more about this museum’s history. This is a newer museum in Dublin focusing on Irish Emigration over the centuries. EPIC the Irish Emigration museum is within walking distance of O’Connell Street. You can visit the museum in your own way, so you can spend as much or little time at the museum as you like. EPIC the Irish Emigration Museum is must see if you have any Irish ancestors, and even if you don’t it would still be fascinating.

The Book of Kells and the Old Library Exhibition

The Book of Kells is a world treasure, not to be missed if you are in Dublin. Seeing the Book of Kells is rightly considered a must-see when you visiting in Dublin. The Book of Kells exhibition is essential to reach early earlier the traveler starts arriving. The antiquities of the Book of Kells are obtainable in interesting, educational displays and make you for the mystic of seeing this unbelievable document. The Book of Kells has so much religious document as it dates from the earliest recorded time in Ireland. The books are hundreds of years old and still, they are used by many. There were gorgeous photos, as well as videos about how the dyes were made and the method of bookbinding among others and for more info about the book of Kells exhibition, refer Ireland travel guide. If you are a reader or interested in history this is a must see when you are in Dublin, Ireland.

National Museum of Ireland – Archaeology

The National Museum of Ireland – Archaeology is fascinating but always very busy and one of the best Ireland tourist attractions. This Archaeology museum has beautiful architecture, both inner and outer side of the Museum, very well organized and free for visiting. The building is beautifully architected with arched ceilings, mosaic tile floors, and highly intricate door casings. The Archaeology Museum is located on close to Trinity College and the National Gallery. There are some great things dealing with the bronze and Iron Age, including the bog preserved bodies, artifacts and other things of archeological significance. This Archaeology museum is defiant must see when you are visiting in Ireland.

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