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Athens is one of the oldest cities in the world. It is the capital of Greece and has been mentioned in many of the ancient Greek literature. It hosted 2004 summer Olympics in grand style. There are many attractive places in Athens which makes it a great tourist destination. Some of them are as follows:

Acropolis Museum

This is one of the oldest museums in the world. Constructed during the ancient Greek civilization, the museum still stands strong. It has lot of beautiful sculptures and wonderful paintings of parts of Parthenon. There will be many archaeologist and guides at the museum to take you on a tour through the museum. It has a cafeteria on the level 2 of the museum where they serve all varieties of Greek foods which are priced reasonably.The charge is €5 for adults and free for students below 18 years from the EU and for children.


On top of Acropolis, Parthenon is located. You have to hike up a little hill to reach Parthenon. It is one of the most ancient buildings in the world. Known for its beautiful architecture and proportionate structure, it can really amaze you. It has been reduced to ruins a long time ago due to wars. But these remnants are well preserved to serve as a treat to all the tourists. You can buy a combo ticket for 12 euros which will give you access to all the parts of the Parthenon including the agora. The Greek government is trying to restore the Parthenon. So you could see a bit of construction that is going on when you visit it.


It is a beautiful temple located in the heart of Acropolis. It has a complex and unique structure. The best feature of this temple is the Porch of the Caraytis which consists of statues of six graceful maidens on the south side of the temple and a four pillared porch with six equally spaced columns on the northern part of the temple. In between the noth and south side of the temple, the famous Olive tree that Athena planted to defeat Poseidon and win Athens can be seen.


If you are interested in taking a bike ride to the mountains then Hymettus is the best place to visit. If you have not brought your bike then you do not have to worry about it you can visit to rent a bike. You can spend a day to explore this mountain. Start off with Keasariani Which is a friendly neighborhood in the mountains. Then on the way you could find the ruins of some of the ancient temple and Byzantine churches. If you are tired from the ride then you can stop your bike at the Kalopoula’s kiosk where you can find some traditional Greek food being served. You can have your lunch, regain your strength and then get on your bike again. Hymetus will give you a completely satisfying bike ride with a beautiful view of the mountains.

Athens is as beautiful as the ancient Greek epics depict it. Its cultural places, historic landmarks and natural beauty make it one of the compelling destinations for your summer trip.

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