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Things to do in Auckland

Tiritiri Matangi Island

Tiritiri Matangi Island is a fabulous flora and fauna nature preserve for New Zealand’s native birds. Tiritiri Matangi Island offers an amazing experience to see the unique natural treasures when you are visit these most beautiful attractions in Auckland. Tiritiri Matangi is looks gorgeous in Europe with one of the most massive community conservation developments in the world. The Tiritiri Matangi Island is the best for day trippers and families and nature lovers. This world renowned island nature reserve charms more than 20k tourists yearly. You can also visit the island via kayaks and Private boats. The Tiritiri Matangi Island is free from dangerous predators, so that the birds are fearless.

Auckland War Memorial Museum

The Auckland War Memorial Museum is the most traditional and spiritual benchmark for New Zealand peoples. The Auckland War Memorial Museum is situated in the central of a massive estate; the Auckland War Memorial Museum displays the people of New Zealand, their past and their own culture. The Auckland War Memorial Museum is the first stop for anybody wishing to gain an insight into New Zealanders. When you visit attractions in Auckland, it will find out the stories and who are all sacrifices own lives for New Zealand become an independent country. The Auckland War Memorial Museum conducts an event in every year, such as the live performances of Maoris culture. They Charges for only international visitors and also apply for some special entertainment programs and music events.

Waiheke Island

Waiheke Island is well-known for its wine, laid-back atmosphere and arts. Waiheke Island offers loads of safe and protected beaches and rocky coves it only perfect place for snorkelers and swimmers. It may take 30 minutes by ferry from Auckland. The island is a heady combination of the old and the new, a place where architecturally designed mansions and salty holiday homes mingle in a jumbled seaside manner. Even as Waiheke’s wildlife trails, shady olive groves, art trails, sculptures parks and range of new cafés are looks more attractive, it’s the island mainly for winegrower that offers the finest draw card.

Rangitoto Island

The most noticeable and beautiful attraction is Rangitoto Island, with its beautiful presence that controls Waitemata Harbor. Located in a short ferry ride from downtown Auckland creates this as spectacular volcanic island attractions in Auckland. It’s a favorite for both locals and travelers. The views from the top are outstanding and you will be able to see all from the islands of the Hauraki Gulf to the rocky vanishing point of the Waitakere zone in the west and Hunua zone in the eastern side. Rangitoto Island gives lots of activities for the walking, climbing, family, camping, fishing, and kayaking, and many more.

Auckland Zoo

Auckland Zoo is home land to the massive collection of native animals and exotic animals in New Zealand. It has above 15 hectares of luxurious grassland and situated just walking distance from central Auckland. Situated on the Northern Island of New Zealand, Auckland zoo is the gateway to the rest of these unbelievable homelands. Auckland Zoo has lot of things is there to see and do, including some special events, behind the scenes experiences. There are lots of activities and attractions in Auckland like music events that are held in summer time. Summer is the best time to visit Auckland zoo, New Zealand. With its spectacular landscapes, well-known shooting spots and lovely coastlines, this is a destination when you are looking more attractions in Auckland

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