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Make Money Travelling: Find the Best Travel Jobs

Make Money TravellingEarning money while travelling helps to take away the financial concerns of a traveller. Read on to know about the best travel jobs that you can take up while on the go.

The cost of travelling often deters enthusiastic travellers from indulging in their passion, but it need not be so. Travel aficionados around the word recommend taking up some simple jobs that allow you to travel while simultaneously ensuring a decent income to take care of your expenses. Here are some proven ways to make money travelling.

Teach English abroad

If you are fluent in English, this is the most common way to earn money. There are many countries that will pay you very well to teach the language.

Hospitality jobs

For those looking to find the best travel jobs, many hotels and resorts require additional staff across various functions, especially during the peak season. While some are paid, others are on a voluntary basis. You can work there in return for free accommodation and food. That way at least you can save money, even if you are not earning.

If you have scuba diving certification, there are several places in the world where you can get exciting scuba diving jobs. You can make money giving diving lessons and enjoy a relaxed life by the sea. Becoming a surf instructor is another adventurous job that you can explore. If you love surfing and can teach people the skills to ride waves, this can be real fun.

Work on a cruise ship

For people who love to travel, cruise ship jobs are another great option. A cruise ship offers a wide variety of job options including receptionist, bartender, casino staff, massage therapist and many more. Working on cruise ships can be a great way to make good money. Additionally, you get free lodging and food and you get to visit some of the best places on earth.

Work on a farm

If you are looking to get off the beaten track and live in the rural areas for some time, you can go for farming and agricultural jobs. Enjoy the beauty of the countryside and the close connection with nature, as you earn to meet your daily expenses.

Bartender jobs

To find the best travel jobs, just visit cafes and bars and enquire if they are hiring. You can go before the peak season begins, and if lucky, you can land a job for the entire season.

Yoga teacher

Do you love doing Yoga? Why not obtain a certificate and teach the ancient practice to people who are looking to learn it, considering it is a fad across the globe now. You can teach at various yoga retreats and resorts all across the world.

Travel blogging

Most travellers want to document their travel. How about converting these accounts and photos into something that can generate money? A travel blog helps you do just that. It offers a great way for you to share your journey with the world and get paid for doing so. Once you start getting good traffic, travel agencies and websites too may ask you to write for them for a hefty payment.

Find the best travel jobs

You can search online to find the best travel jobs in the places where you are visiting. Read reviews of past travellers to know about various avenues to apply for jobs.

For those of you who are looking to embark on new adventures and want to earn while on-the-go, these jobs can not only offer you an exciting new way to make money, but also leave you feeling enriched and fulfilled.


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