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Edinburgh is an amazing place in Scotland with many beautiful hill, natural scenery and rich history. It is built on a traditional theme and has a wonderful atmosphere that can provide you a different experience. There are many wonderful places to visit in Edinburgh starting from the famous Edinburgh Castle to St .Giles Cathedral. The ones you must not miss while touring Edinburgh are mentioned here(image  by @Doug88888 / License this photo on Getty Images)


Edinburgh Castle

This is a magnificent fortress that was built to defend Edinburgh in the old days. This is the most famous tourist attraction. It stands on a big volcanic rock that has been there for thousand years. At present it is being used to store the crown jewels of Scotland. It also houses three military museums, the Scottish National War Memorial, the Prisons of War exhibition and many more. This castle provides a wonderful experience and is definitely worth a visit. You can book the tickets online to visit this castle and also to avert the trouble of having to wait in the queue.(image by neil1877)

edin St. Giles Cathedral

This is a beautiful church that was built in the 17th century. Technically speaking this is not a cathedral as it does not house a bishop in it. It is located in the middle of Royal Mile. It will be a different experience when compared to the usual shops, performers and crowd. There are some beautiful Gothic arches and stained glasses in the premises of this church. Also you can find a wonderful carved pulpit. You should make sure that you do not miss the Chapel of the Order of the Thistle. The admission to this cathedral is free but you need to pay a fee of £2 in the information desk if you want to take pictures. An additional fee will be charged if you want to visit the Thistle Chapel in St. Giles.(image  by SUPΣ®MΛN™)

St. Giles Cathedral

Arthur’s seat

This is one of the four hill forts in Edinburgh and its origin can be traced back to almost 2,000 years ago and has a rich cultural heritage. It is located in Holyrood Park along with its solace wildlife, volcanic geology and amazing view of the city from its numerous view points. It has many sites with the Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) designation because of its vast grassland habitats and its significant volcanic geology.(image  by Earth Guardian Angel)

Arthur’s seat

Royal Botanic Garden

This is a beautiful garden which is located about 2 kilometers to the north of Princes Street. There is no entry charge but the entrance into the glasshouse has an admission charge. This garden spans an area of about 31 hectares and has a vast range of plants and trees. The glasshouse project in this garden is much better than if not as good as the Eden project in Cornwall. Every single exhibit is labeled properly and some audio aids will also be available which would be very helpful. Once you are done with your trip there is a restaurant nearby which offers some delicious food at a reasonable price.(image  by demeeschter)

Royal Botanic Garden

There are many more amazing, interesting and fun places to visit In Edinburgh. The ones mentioned here are just a few of them. Visit Edinburgh and it will leave you with many fond memories.

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