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Russia has the most awe inspiring history. It has an ambience rich in historic structures, arts and contemporary institutions. Russia is home to the biggest freshwater lagoon in the world. It has watercourses and jungles which are crowded with many aquatic and land animals, exciting volcanoes, and lofty mountains.


Moscow is a must-see place as its architecture unites the attributes of both the oriental and western traditions. The museums in Moscow preserve several precious assets, counting exclusive assortments of Russian and overseas sculptures. Museums & galleries like State Hermitage, Armoury, and Kunstkamera are the real sightseeing spots in Russia that leave visitors impressed. Apart from the museums, flowers found in the Aptekarsky Ogorod Botanical Garden delight tourists.

The verdant grassland in Bashkortostan, which is located between the Volga River and Ural Mountain soothe the sightseer’s eyes. Adventurous youngsters can participate in thrilling sports and hiking events in Moscow.

Sochi, a fantastic resort in Russia, is located near the Black Sea. This particular spot welcomes plenty of visitors from different states as well. Tempting waterfalls, summit, and alpine vistas are eye-catching tourist spots in Sochi.

Manpupuner Rock Formations

The Manpupuner rock formations are a breathtaking natural attraction located in the Komi Republic region of Russia. The seven towering pillars are one of the most spectacular geographic formations discovered by humans. It is difficult to guess how they arrived there, and how they are still standing. It is believed that the rock formations evolved as a result of the weathering of rocks.

Kamchatka Peninsula

The Kamchatka Peninsula in the far east of Russia is a very active geothermal region, part of the Pacific Volcanic Ring, and is home to some 160 volcanoes, 29 of which are active. Some of the major volcanoes include Avachinsky, Mutnovsky, Kozelsky, and Gorely. In addition to these volcanoes, the surrounding region of the peninsula is a vacation destination with plenty of natural beauty.

The Motherland Calls

Mother Motherland or the Motherland Calls or the Mamayev monument in Russia is a statue of a woman raising her sword to the sky commemorating the Battle of Stalingrad. The statue also serves as a symbol of the Soviet victory during World War II, in which the Red Army defeated the German troops.

Image by Lyutik966,  Sergey Vladimirov under CC License.


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