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Peppered with volcanoes and ancient Mayan sites, Guatemala could be a country wealthy in history, natural beauty, colonial cities and a year-round comfy climate, creating it a comprehensive traveler destination. Sandwiched in between Mexico, Belize, Honduras and El Salvador, Guatemala features a long Pacific coastline and a parcel of Caribbean shore.

Sara - Guatemala City

Only at any low percentage of Guatemala is urban, effort the rest of the country to lush rainforests, majestic mountains, steep volcanoes and abundant valleys dotted with Mayan sites, of that Tikal is that the largest and most spectacular. Picturesque regions encompassing urban center Dulce and Lake Atitlan ar ewell-liked for his or her scenic beauty, charming villages like Panajachel, and abundance of life and out of doors recreation.

The capital, Guatemala City, sprawls across a large upland basin, enclosed by craggy hills. The most important urban agglomeration in Central America, the town could be a fume filled maelstrom of industry and commerce with few attractions to detain the person. Nor far from capital of Guatemala however is that the country’s former capital, Antigua, a picture-perfect colonial city. Quetzaltenango could be a active town within the western highlands, whereas Puerto Barrios could be a lovely Caribbean haven, and Monterrico could be a well-liked Pacific beach best-known for its black volcanic sand. The entree to the Tikal Mayan ruins, the island city of Flores, on Lake Peten, offers lots to check and do at intervals itself.

Guatemalan cooking could be a mixture of influences from its bordering neighbors with common dishes like black beans and rice, stuffed tamales wrapped in banana leaves, and ceviche (raw fish marinated in seasonings and citrus juices). additional ancient eateries are found in Guatemala’s smaller cities and villages, whereas larger cities host a range of international restaurants.

Tourists will get around Guatemala by long-distance buses and regular domestic flights between Guatemala City and Flores furthermore as born-again college buses (known as chicken buses) and born-again pick-up truck services.

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