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Take a walk through Las Ramblas, be fascinated by Barcelona’s unique blend of Catalan culture, distinctive architecture and enjoy the stylish nightlife. Barcelona is full of amazing Gaudi architecture all of which are great masterpieces of perfection. You can also find the La Boqueria market which serves some local delicacies. Here are some of the beautiful and attractive tourists spots in Barcelona that you should not miss.

Casa Batllo

This is one of the three wonderful built in Barcelona that is truly worth touring. The earlier you go to this place the better it will be because as the day progresses it will start getting crowded up. The price for the entry ticket also includes an audio guide who provide great information about this amazing Gaudi architecture. In all there are 3 Gaudi houses in the entire Barcelona which are a must-visit for tourists. This is one of them and the other two are Casa Mila and Palau Guell. You can book the entrance ticket online if you want to avoid standing in the long queues.

Royal Plaza

Royal Plaza or Placa Reial as it is known among the locals is a popular meeting place and the most important landmark in Barcelona. It has many outdoor venues, restaurants and nightclubs which makes it the best place for chilling out. During the summer some open air concerts take place in this place and also during other celebrations such as New Year’s Eve.

Torre Agbar

This is an amazing monument that highlights the best architectures of Barcelona and Spain on the whole. It is often visited by many tourists. It is constructed out of marble that are properly aligned. It looks beautiful in the night when it is lit up with some colourful lights. Many tourists gather here to out this architectural beauty which looks more spectacular at night. So, if you are touring Barcelona be sure to visit this place if possible at night.


This is a friendly workshop where the tourists will be taught about the mosaic arts that was invented by the legendary artist Antonio Gaudi. These mosaic architecture can be found all over Barcelona in monuments such as La Pedrera, Casa Batllo, Parque Guell, Sagrada Familia y la Colonia Guella. The aim of this workshop is to enable the tourists to experience the Gaudi spirit of architecture in the most conducive environments. There are seperate workshop classes for children and adults. After you are done with the workshop, you can dine at a local cafe nearby this place. The duration of the workshop will be about 2 hours and you will really love it. This will be an unforgettable and unique that you would end up treasuring for the rest of your life.

Spain has often been wrongly described as a dustbowl. Traveling to Barcelona will change any such opinions that you might have on Spain. It is truly worth your money to take a trip to Barcelona. So plan your vacation, pack your luggages and be here at Barcelona.

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