Rome is one of the places which are full with beauty and elegance. Try to have a view of this wonderful place to find what is in. to start up with Pantheon is the best one. It is 2000 years old and was built in those ancient times as a temple to the Gods. It is the best landmarks in the city which is prospered till now. They are still used in as a church. We can then move into the cafes which are situated in the square. These cafes are a must to be viewed in. Tazza d’Oro is the best place to be served in by the best coffee. We can also take this aroma to our homes too, yes the beans are available. One should make it a must to make a way through the bustling streets of Piazza Navona. Don’t forget to admire the dramatic Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi. This place is known for its delicious and simple Roman food. The best nightlife can be experienced here. We must never miss out the place where La Dolce Vita was filmed. One of the horrifying images can be viewed here only. This place is plastered with bones and devil patterns. Each corner of Rome has to be viewed in and enjoyed.

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