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When people think of the Thailand travel the things come to their mind are dramatic coastal islands and relaxed beaches. The country shows you friendly and fun-loving atmosphere with bountiful of the table filled with Thai dishes. The landscapes around the around the country are full of fields, forests, and silvery waterfalls, making it a great place for the best holiday destinations.

Thailand travel

The limestone cliffs and the prehistoric skyscrapers enhance the seeking of the exploration of the country. The whole Thailand travel will be worthless with of tasting the seafood and the street food.

Here are some few places that demand a visit during your Thailand travel:

  • Bangkok:

People who had done the Thailand travel say that Bangkok is a place for the jumble of fun and its street life is the best in the whole country. The street gastronomy of the Bangkok like noodles will be a worthless visit to the city. The adventurous foodies will find the food really hot and cool.

Thailand travel

With the boat ride in the city, you can also find the hidden market and the nightlife reveals the real dynamicity of the city. A conversation and few clicks with some Buddhist monks will fill your Thailand travel color and majesty.

  • Chiang Mai:

This place in the entire Thailand travel, where you can recharge your batteries and relax with some fabulous food leisure wandering. A vast range of various activities will be offered on the backstreets, which helps you to explore the history and culture of the place.

Thailand travel

The city hosts for interesting markets and elephant sanctuaries. As you go on exploring the place you come across with sterile rainforests scattered with swirling waterfalls. It is considered as one of the most peaceful places in the country.

  • Kanchanaburi:

Abode for many river waterfalls, natural and astonishing views it has been the place for both dark history and nature adventures. There are many adventures to visit during your Thailand travel, like tiger temple, Erawan national park and a lot more.

Thailand travel

Besides the modern center for river views, it also contains dark history dates back to WWII where Japanese forces used the prisoners in the war to build the rail route between the Thailand and Myanmar. A whole lot of excellent memorials and museums are dedicated to the incidents of the WWII.

  • Similan Islands and Marine National Park:

These islands are well known for the divers across the world. The islands are made of smooth granite over the bright-aqua surface capped with rainforests, fringed with white beaches.

Thailand travel

The best and the fresh seafood on your Thailand travel can only be found here. The whole tourist package is available with beaches and snorkel sites.

  • Railay (Rai Leh):

The most adventurous place in the country and in your entire Thailand travel with rock-climbing fanatics on the gorgeous crags backed with the jungles. The entire place only accessible by a boat ride only, just takes15minutes.

Thailand travel

The entire place is surrounded by the beautiful resorts for the stay. The water around the island is not good for swimming since the water is filled with untidy parts. The atmosphere is clean here and is one of the most positive things.

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