imagesAn eclipse is a natural happening taking place. But this does not occur most frequently. They occur at specific times. Nothing could be said about these occurrences since they might be viewed by all the people around the world or only parts of the worlds may experience it. This time the next eclipse is to occur in Australia. The Solar eclipse is to happen this November and a clear cut view can be seen in Australia. This has become the cause of travelling of much people to Australia to have a glimpse of the Solar eclipse happening. This would be a much emotional experience to the viewers. We live a much remote life where we just don’t stop to see what is happening around us. This realistic view will be a breath taking experience to the viewers. This eclipse is to take place on November 14 and there will be much changes taking place on that day. There will be a temperature drop the sky may turn black too. This has accounted more than 50000 tourists who will travel down to Australia to view this fantastic occurrence. This is happening because usually a total eclipse is not seen from an area which is something more than a resort. The hotels are running into heavy bookings so that the visitors will have a good time.

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