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5 amazing bridges all around the world

Bridges are connectives used for crossing highways, rivers and railroads. It acts as a barrier for the pedestrians to pass from one end to another. Here, such kind of amazing top 5 brides around the world are listed below

Brooklyn bridge (New York, USA):
This bridge is built between 1869 to 1882, which connects Manhattan. It is the first suspension bridge to use steel wire to wire and the replacement material include Peledal Dallas, which is also called as a caisson. It is one of the successful engineering model, which has greatest feat and no1 ranking.

Tower bridge (London, England):
It is one of the largest and strongest bridge in England. It covers river Thames and stands as the greatest landmark in London thereby attracting the visitors from all over the world.

Rainbow bridge (Tokyo):

  1. It is the largest suspension bridge on Tokyo ports connecting Sheibura wharf and water count in Tokyo.
  2. The wires of the bridge are designed with various lights, which glow at night through solar energy obtained during the day. It is an intelligent masterpiece of the engineers.

Sydney Harbour bridge (Sidney Australia):
This bridge is made up of steel arch, which is located 134meters above  from the Sydney harbor. The construction began from 1921 to 1932 and it is the largest river in the world.

Chapel bridge (Lucerne, Suisse):

  1. It is one of the oldest bridges in Switzerland. The whole construction was made up of wood. A series of 85 priceless paintings are painted on the bridge for attracting the visitors from all over the world.
  2. The pillars and bridgehead were damaged in a minor smoke and due to this many olden paintings vanished and out of them only 25 survived.
  3. Later, it was repainted again to attract the visitors for setting up a landmark in Switzerland.

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